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What Does Yazgan T&D Do?

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What Does Yazgan T&D Do?

Turkey is a powerful manufacturing base of Medium Voltage equipments up to 36 kV in the World. The world wide, MV manufacturers like Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric has established a wide range production line in Turkey.

This fact made Turkey, as one of the big suppliers of MV systems in the world. All productions are done under the IEC standard certifications and accredited type tests. YAZGAN T&D is your partner in getting  the correct manufacturer and arranging direct contacts with different companies. All your needs are provided with long guarantee periods in best conditions.

Our Company Mechanical division is good supplier of the different kinds of industrial valves and different material valves body  castings . Also we supply your needed industrial pumps due to your special needs and solutions.

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What Does Yazgan T&D Do?
YAZGAN T&D Corporation
How We Do

YAZGAN T&D Corporation

YAZGAN T&D is an export company to supply Electrical Transmission and Distribution equipments with IEC standards from Europe and Turkey manufacturers in especial terms and guaranties with supporting all international trade customer satisfactions.

We find you few alternatives with different price levels.

We prepare projects and offers and do order cotracts.

We follow all order manufacturing process of all orders.

We do tests and inspections before delivery.

We arrange transportation and training programs.

We guarantee all after sales servises , spare supply, customer satisfaction.

We work, as your office in Turkey.

Send your inquiry of:

-Transformer Substation

-Power Transformers

-Metal Enclosed Modular Cubicles Up to 36 kV

-Metal Clad Switchgears

-SF6 and Vacuum Circuit Breakers

-SF6 Load Break Switches

-Ring Main Unites

-Capacitor Banks

-Battery Charger Unites

-Low Voltage Panels

-Stationary batteries

-Protection Relays

-Energy Meters

-Other Accessories